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Workers Compensation

When an employee is injured or becomes ill due to their job, workers’ compensation provides coverage.

Workers Compensation Lawyers

You’ve always been devoted employee and have given so much of your effort, energy, and time to those you work for.  So naturally, you expected a safe environment to work in and a fair wage in return.  Consequently, when you’re on the job and you get injured, you expect your company to pay for your injuries.  Not only does Florida workers compensation laws expect this of your employer, but every worker’s compensation attorney in Miami at 305-800-PAIN also does, too.

The Workers Compensation System

The worker’s compensation system in Florida was designed and created to provide all employees medical attention and financial restitution for their pain and suffering when they suffer injuries while on the job.  Unfortunately, some employers abuse that system and insurance companies will either deny claims or offer a settlement amount that is far less than what the injured victim deserves.

To make matters even worse, the system is so clogged up with bureaucratic red tape, that the state government cannot be relied upon to deliver justice.  Furthermore, these people are very good at this and know how to pay you far less than what you deserve.  Your 305-800-PAIN worker’s compensation lawyer in Miami will ensure that this doesn’t happen.  Whether we can settle out of court or must present your case to a judge and jury, we’ll protect your legal rights.

What Can You Be Compensated for?

Once you’ve gotten medical attention and treatment for your injuries, the next step is to contact an experienced 305-800-PAIN personal injury lawyer.  This increases your chances of getting a fair settlement and ensures that your rights to that compensation are protected.  In the state of Florida, workers compensation insurance typically covers:

  • death benefits to the surviving family members when an employee dies from a job-related injury
  • medical expenses including doctor, ER, and hospital, and prescription bills as well as rehabilitative therapy and retraining costs
  • permanent disability benefits such as lost income and loss of earning capacity if you’re unable to go back to work
  • temporary disability benefits for the income you lost while you were missing work

    Conversely, there are certain benefits that a worker’s compensation attorney in Miami cannot include in an injury claim:

    • emotional and psychological distress
    • pain and suffering
    • punitive damages
    • other types of compensation that aren’t usually covered under the worker’s compensation system

The benefits listed above were designed to ensure that the injury victim and his or her family don’t suffer financially, especially when the injured party is no longer able to work or dies from their injuries. This can be difficult for the whole family and that is why it is important for the lawyers to help the deceased or severely injured individual get justice.

Reasons to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

The 305-800-PAIN law firm is dedicated to representing injury victims only, never the big corporations or insurance companies.  We specialize in representing workers compensation cases as well as many personal injury cases.  When a person gets hurt on the job, it’s usually beyond their control.  As a result, Florida Statute 440 has made provisions to assist those employees who suffer injuries on the job.  This includes all medical and medical-related expenses as well as lost income.

Most employees never anticipate getting hurt while performing the responsibilities of their jobs.  So, when that happens, they are oftentimes confused about what to do after they’ve received medical attention.  If you or a loved one is seriously injured while on the job, call a worker’s compensation attorney in Miami today at 305-800-PAIN.

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