Truck Accidents

We specialize in handling truck accident cases and are here to support you throughout your recovery process. Here’s how our legal expertise can make a difference.

Truck Accidents

All truck drivers are required to have commercial driver’s licenses and training in order to drive tractor-trailers and big rigs in every state in the US.  Unfortunately, some of these drivers make bad decisions that can result in catastrophic or fatal accidents while they’re on the road.  If you or a loved one was an innocent victim of a collision with a big rig, a truck accident lawyer at 305-800-PAIN is prepared to help.  We have the experience and skills to maximize the compensation you may be entitled to.

Our truck accident attorney teams have gotten sizeable settlements for hundreds of clients who’ve been involved in such traumatic experiences.  While every personal injury case is different, our history of successful outcomes in and out of court speaks volumes about our reputation.  We bring years of expertise in personal injury cases to the table when representing our clients and will gladly schedule a FREE consultation to explain the legal process to you.

The Impact of a Truck Accident

Your truck accident injury lawyer knows that when big rigs or tractor-trailer rigs collide with other smaller vehicles, the outcome is rarely minor.  In many cases, the victims of these collisions suffer catastrophic or even fatal injuries due to the size difference and force of impact.  Some of the more common injuries that result in a big rig-motor vehicle accident are:

  • back injuries and spinal cord injuries
  • broken bones / fractures
  • burns and disfigurement
  • internal bleeding
  • neck injuries
  • severe concussions or traumatic brain injuries
  • whiplash

These injuries are difficult to recover from and oftentimes leave the accident victim suffering from chronic pain and a wide range of other health issues for the rest of their lives.  As your legal team, the staff at 305-800-PAIN is very familiar with federal and state regulations and other laws that apply to commercial trucks and their operators.   

This enables every truck accident injury attorney in Florida at our firm to provide effective and efficient legal representation when filing a claim or lawsuit for catastrophic injuries or wrongful death cases. We gather as much evidence as possible surrounding your accident by using a team of investigative and medical experts to help build the strongest possible case on your behalf.  These professionals are skilled at providing data records analysis, human factors, medical specialties, and reconstruction of your accident.

Proving Truck Accident Negligence

Florida’s highways and roads witness approximately 4,400 vehicle collisions every year, nearly 350 of which involve big rigs and tractor-trailer rigs.  Roughly 86% of the victims in crashes involving smaller vehicles and these big trucks die from their injuries.  Ironically, truck drivers are rarely injured in these accidents.  Your truck accident lawyer in Florida knows that these collisions are attributed to several reasons, such as distracted driving, driver error, driver fatigue, mechanical failure, and speeding.

Furthermore, driver negligence and negligent supervision of the driver are common causes of truck accidents.  Insurance coverage is also another complex, unique issue that often arises in these accidents as well.  Negligence can also be attributed to drug testing (or the lack of it) of a company’s drivers as well as the quality of the driver’s logs and records.  In any event, your truck accident attorney in Florida will do all the digging needed to prove negligence during the legal process. For more information regarding how we can help with your personal injury claim, call 305-800-PAIN today.

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