Product Liability

When a product fails to meet the reasonable expectations of consumers or poses an unreasonable risk.

Product Liability Lawyers

Most consumer products on the market are safe to consume or use.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and innocent individuals suffer injuries when using a defective product.  In most product liability cases involving a 305-800-PAIN product liability attorney in Miami, the product was defectively designed or manufactured or lacked proper use instructions or warnings.  If you or a loved one was seriously injured when using a defective product, our personal injury firm is here to help.

What Type of Product Liability Claim Do You Have?

If you or loved one suffered an injury when using a defective consumer product, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim with a product liability lawyer for compensation.  Although most product liability cases are broad in scope and oftentimes complex, most of the claims that we’ve been involved in at 305-800-PAIN have fallen under one of these categories:

  • the product was defectively designed
  • the product improperly manufactured
  • the product lacked proper instructions and/or warnings regarding its use

Whether it’s heavy-duty equipment or simple consumer items, manufacturers are expected to produce products that are reasonably safe to use.  In some cases, a company is required to redesign or remanufacture a product and prevent it from getting onto a seller’s shelves.  As your product liability attorney team in Miami, we will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

The Concept of Strict Liability

Florida is a “strict liability” state.  Strict liability is a theory that places responsibility for a person’s injuries even if the person who is liable wasn’t negligent.  The theory typically applies to abnormally careless or dangerous activities, animal attacks and/or bites, and design or manufacturing defects.  Most states impose strict liability for products that are defective due to a manufacturing error.  With a 305-800-PAIN product liability lawyer in Miami on your side, you can recover damages for your injuries.

Proof of Liability

In order to win your product liability injury case, you must prove that the defendant is liable for your injuries.  Although the particulars that you and your personal injury lawyer must prove will vary from one state to the next, in order to win your liability case, you must prove the following elements:

  • you suffered injuries and financial losses
  • the product was defective
  • your injuries were caused by the defect
  • you used the product according to the instructions

Injuries attributed to defective products are all too often catastrophic and devastating.  However, product liability injuries go beyond the victim’s physical pain.  Their families endure emotional pain as well. 

We are compassionate to your pain and understand all that you are going through. That is why we ensure that you stay stress-free while we take on the legal responsibilities. The problem with product liability claims and cases is that the injury victim doesn’t realize that the product is dangerous until it’s too late.  As a consumer, you believed that the product was safe.  When injuries arise from using a defective or poorly produced product, you need an experienced product liability attorney in Miami handling your claim.  For more information and to schedule a FREE consultation, call 305-800-PAIN today

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