Personal Injury

If you have suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, it is crucial to seek legal representation to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Whenever you are a loved one suffers injuries in an accident that was caused by a negligent driver or property owner, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries and your pain and suffering.  The skilled lawyers at 305-800-PAIN are always prepared to handle personal injury claims and lawsuits no matter what type of accident you’ve been involved in.  The Miami personal injury lawyer that is assigned to your case has the experience required to take on the big insurance companies and ensure that your rights are protected during the legal process.

Sound Legal Representation for Accident Injury Victims

With the right Miami personal injury attorney, you have a better chance of maximizing your settlement in or out of court.  In the greater Miami area and throughout Florida, preventable accidents happen every day.  No matter how cautious you are, there is always the risk of getting injured in an accident that is caused by someone else’s careless, negligent, or reckless behavior.  If that happens, 305-800-PAIN will hold the at-fault party accountable and get you the compensation you deserve.

Getting injured in any type of accident can be a traumatic, life-changing experience.  No matter how minor or serious your injuries are, a Miami injury lawyer can pursue a claim on your behalf and sue for compensation.  In most cases, the at-fault party’s insurance company will try to negate your claim and settle for far less of an amount than what you’re deserving of.  We won’t let that happen and will aggressively litigate your case in court if it becomes necessary.

Common Personal Injury Claims

At 305-800-PAIN, every Miami injury attorney has the experience and expertise to advance a broad range of claims and file suit for our clients. We’ll be glad to help you with the required assistance anytime. The areas of personal injury law that we specialize in include:

  • bicycle accidents
  • boating accidents
  • dog bites/animal attacks
  • Lyft and Uber accidents
  • medical malpractice cases
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • pedestrian accidents
  • product liability injuries
  • slip and fall injuries
  • truck accidents
  • worker’s compensation claims

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an accident, you should call 305-800-PAIN and talk with a Miami accident lawyer once you’re able to do so.  Naturally, you should seek medical attention immediately before doing anything.

Damages in a Personal Injury Case

If your injuries were caused by another person’s careless or negligent behavior, you can sue for a variety of damages, including:

  • Financial losses – costs of accommodating your injuries, lost income, loss of future earning potential, past and future medical expenses
  • Intangible losses – emotional distress, loss of companionship, loss of enjoyment, permanent disability or disfigurement, physical pain and suffering

Punitive damages – compensation awarded to injury victims when the at-fault party’s behavior was outrageously egregious

While compensation can’t speed up the healing and recovery process, it can alleviate your financial stress and worries and provide you with peace of mind.  In many cases, we have gotten the full amount that the client deserves through negotiations while in other cases, we have presented the client’s personal injury claim in a lawsuit.

The last thing you need when trying to recover from your injuries is the additional stress and worry of trying to understand the legal process.  Your Miami accident attorney can guide you through every step of the legal process and shoulder that burden for you.  For more information, call 305-800-PAIN today.

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