Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents differ greatly from motor vehicle accidents in that the victim often suffers catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Bicycle Accidents

Much like motorcycle accidents, bicycle injury victims have no protection against the force and the impact involved when they are struck by a moving vehicle.  Despite the severity of a bicycle accident, the rules that apply to motor vehicle accident claims also apply to bicycle accidents in the state of Florida.  If you’ve been seriously injured while riding a bike, 305-800-PAIN can help.

Bicycle riding

People riding bicycles in Florida is a very common sight.  The state’s beautiful scenery and temperate climate make it ideal for bicycle enthusiasts.  Unfortunately, our bicycle accidents lawyers are all too familiar with the devastating injuries that can result when a cyclist is struck while riding on Florida streets.  We often see the tragic consequences of bicycle accidents and are always prepared to help the victim recover damages and start putting their lives back together.

The Challenges Facing Bicyclists

Stadistics indicate that 1 in every 100 bicycle riders in Florida is fatally injured because of a motorist’s careless or negligent behavior.  Consequently, riders are admonished to use extreme caution when riding on the city streets.  Although many individuals follow the rules of bicycle riding, such as signaling motorists, staying in a bicycle or other lane, and wearing safety gear and reflective clothing, they are still seriously or fatally injured.  In any event, your 305-800-PAIN bicycle accident lawyer in Florida can help you.

Even when an individual takes all the precautions of wearing protective gear and safety equipment such as helmets and pads, the slightest bump from a vehicle can cause the rider to go flying through the air and be seriously or fatally injured.  Some of the more common injuries that bicycle riders suffer include:

  • broken bones / fractures
  • death
  • lacerations
  • spinal cord injuries
  • traumatic brain injuries

When a motor vehicle strikes a bicycle, the rider could travel several feet and land hard on the street or in the more serious cases, hit the windshield of the vehicle that struck them.  This can cause the motorist to lose control of their vehicle and strike other cars or objects.  If you’ve been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a bicycle accident, the time to contact a bicycle accident attorney in Florida at 305-800-PAIN now.

Bicycle Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

In the state of Florida, no-fault rules apply to motor vehicle accidents.  However, when a bicycle rider is seriously injured, they can hire a bicycle accident lawyer in Florida and sue for damages.  If they are killed, the surviving family members have the legal right to sue for wrongful death.  In any case, the cyclist or family members must prove that the driver was at fault and needs to demonstrate the severity and extent of their injuries.  When these cases go to court, your 305-800-PAIN attorney will present your case to a judge and jury to evaluate it and render a decision. Having a good lawyer in your corner helps your case considerably and we’ll do what is needed to win you the required damages.

Experienced Legal Representation

When a bicyclist is seriously injured or killed because of a motorist’s carelessness or negligence, you and your bicycle accident attorney in Florida can hold them accountable.  If you’ve suffered serious injuries in a bicycle accident or a loved one was fatally struck while riding their bike, you could be entitled to compensation for damages and your pain and suffering.  For more information, call 305-800-PAIN today.

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